Many people believe that their fastest, cheapest option for pharmacy care is the big box stores, retail chains, or mail order outlets. Why should you discover the hometown difference for yourself? Here are some facts for you to consider: care, cost and convenience!

No more waiting in long lines.

At Hometown, you won’t be stuck waiting. We strive to service our customers as quickly as possible. If you are in a rush, we can get you in and out the door in a timely matter.

Randolph Hometown Pharmacy is a nice smaller pharmacy. I really like the auto refill - when I need any medications, I just go there and they are ready for pick-up. The staff is nice and helpful. They always ask if you need any help finding something. I never have to go and wait for a half hour like the larger pharmacies.

Sally D, Randolph

No more fighting over parking spaces.

Hometown Pharmacies are purposely situated in convenient locations, many of them located along the town or city’s main thoroughfare. Each store offers convenient street or easy-access lot parking.

We are so grateful to have a pharmacy in Deerfield. The location is convenient and the service is excellent. Jen's friendliness and helpfulness are also appreciated!

Laura C, Deerfield

Comparable prices to the "other guys".

Our independent pharmacy model is based on smart, practical business tools, such as lower material costs, labor and overhead, which allows us to offer our customers the same or lower pricing on their prescriptions, 99% of the time.

Since I moved here from St Louis I wanted to support local businesses. During the past year, I have used Verona Hometown Pharmacy for all my medications and over the counter meds. I have been surprised and please to find all the medications were less expensive than Walgreens or CVS. The personnel are kind, helpful and extremely efficient! I love them and I’m not a relative.

Jan P, Verona

No hidden fees.

Do you know where mail-order outlets ship their medications from? Every outlet can be different and far reaching. In addition, it’s critical that you’re aware of any hidden costs in the fine print with mail-order options, especially with some medical plans.

All our continuous prescriptions are filled and waiting for us. If there is a question of any kind about the prescription, they will discuss it with us or call our doctor for confirmation. We have had several offers for prescriptions by mail. To us, that would be unmanageable because sometimes we need the prescriptions filled immediately.

Cliff and Gladys S, Randolph

Exceptional care to every customer.

At Hometown, we treat every customer individually, and will not hurry you out of the store if you need to talk with a pharmacist or have additional questions that need to be answered. We are your healthcare partner.

I have never been to a more dedicated pharmacy. Not only do they always try to save me money, but they really care. My husband and I are disabled. They’ve even offered to drive our medications to us, they go above and beyond any other pharmacy. “Hometown” is the right name for our pharmacy in Poynette. It feels like the women and men who work there take a special care when helping you. We recently had some tragedies in our family and I felt like I was talking to friends about it.

Jeri W, Poynette