Blister Card

Our brightly colored cards make identifying and systematically administering of medication easy all the while reducing the possibility of potential errors. Our facilities find that the color coding only enhances the ability to minimize med errors for their staff and assists with training of new staff. We're able to fill month med cycles to start on varying days of the month based on the facilities needs and requests. These colored cards are what sets us apart from other pharmacies blister packaging.

Strip Packaging

Our automated packaging system reduces errors and simplifies administration times. The clearly labeled packaging makes it easy to identify and accurately administer medication. Our automated packaging machine is a two part system that stores images of all dispensed medications and works off of the bar code and scanning. Our facilities prefer the strip packaging for it's efficiency; space and time. Our strip packaging also allows for a variety of possible med pass lengths from 3 day, 7 day, 14 day to monthly.

Med Carts

We are able to supply a variety of med carts to best fit your facilities’ needs & accommodate your packaging & space concerns to best maximize your med pass efficiency. Our med cart representative will come on site to discuss your facilities exact needs and make sure that we're getting the perfect med cart for you and your facility.

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