GenoPATH is a company that promotes the full integration of personalized medicine into the clinical practice. GenoPATH puts the pieces of personalized medicine together by incorporating three important entities: the physician, a skilled pharmacy team and a genetics lab. These three entities collaborate to provide patients with a more effective and efficient approach in managing their medication regimen.


  • Change patient care from reactive medicine to preventative medicine by utilizing GenoPATH's personalized medicine program.
  • Provide physician education and pharmacy support services through a knowledgeable staff and sophisticated IT platform.
  • Turn an ordinary lab result into a unique product that can span the life of every patient.

How Does It Work?

1. Testing:

A simple cheek swab is taken to collect your DNA.

2. Processing:

A list of your medications is sent with your swab to a laboratory for processing..

3. Analysis:

Your lab results are reviewed and interpreted by a licensed pharmacist who provides a detailed analysis based upon your DNA and medications..

4. Personalization:

The lab results and pharmacy report are sent to your physician, as well as your primary care physician if requested, to assist them in making informed decisions based upon your genetic profile..


Insurance is billed for the test. As with any lab test, you would be responsible for any co-pay or deductible. GenoPATH's affiliated lab accepts Medicare assignment rates..

How Does The GenoPATH Process Work For Me?

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