"Traveling is a time of exploration, relaxation and a little bit of indulgence."

To enjoy your travels to the fullest it is important to be well prepared for your journey. While most people plan for transportation, lodging and activities; planning for health issues can often be overlooked. At Hometown Safe Travels, we provide travelers with pre-travel counseling where you are given destination specific information including potential health risks, basic country specifics, personal safety information and much more! We can also provide the immunizations and medications you need to keep you healthy while traveling abroad.

To make a pre-travel appointment, click the Start Your Journey button at the top of this page. You will need to complete a Travel History and Health Questionnaire before you will be able to select your preferred appointment date and time.

Plan ahead! Most vaccines take at least 2 to 4 weeks to become effective and may require more than one shot. We suggest seeing us at least 6 weeks prior to your anticipated departure. It is never too early to come see us.

If you already know which vaccine(s) you need, you will need to make a vaccine administration appointment. Click Here!

We can help keep your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare!

Please note: at this time due to Wisconsin state law, pharmacists can only give vaccines to people 6 or older.

Kim Shumaker

Safe Travels Program Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kim. My roots in community pharmacy began long before I ever decided to make it a career choice. When I was young I spent countless hours alongside my dad at our family-owned pharmacy in Watertown, WI. He gave me easy jobs at first, like filing and stocking shelves; and later he had me running the cash register and counting prescriptions. Throughout that time I had the pleasure of observing him interact with customers and physicians, answering patients’ questions, and helping people with their medication needs. I was always so proud of the way he treated his customers with kindness and respect.

Years later, after earning a business degree at University of Wisconsin-Madison, I decided I also wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy. In 1997, thirty years after my dad became a pharmacist, I earned a doctorate degree from UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. From that point on, I have enjoyed serving the community of Oregon at Hometown Pharmacy.

A lot has changed since my early beginnings in pharmacy, but practicing in a small community has afforded me the ability to develop personal relationships with patients and assist them with choices in their healthcare…very much in the tradition of my father.

It is health that is real wealth
and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi